Case Study

I am Umadevi hails from Kakkulapalli village of Anantapur Rural Revenue Mandal. I became a victim of polio when I wasaged 3 years. My parents who were agricultural labourers borrowed money from others for my treatment. My father’s brothers got divided and my father got a share of 5 acres. <<Continue>>
When I arrived at Akkulappa’s house in the village of Rachanpalli, he was out cutting firewood. He looked happy and smiled at us as we approached. I apologised to him and his wife, Rudramma for making them come back from the field, which meant they would lose the Rs 50/- . <<Continue>>
Dudekula Mabbasha, 30 years, S/o. Mahammad Anif, Chennampalli Village, Thuggali Mandal. He is totally blind since from birth. He belongs to “SAIRAM “ SHG. Out of 4 Childrens, he is 3rd born with blindness. Parents were disappointed to have son with blind. They consulted Doctor in Kurnool. << Continue>>
Gayathri aged 4 years from Mandagiri Agraharam village Pathikonda Mandal Kurnool District . Her parents Laxmi and Krishna have 2 children. Gayatri is only child , who is born with cleft lip and pallet . Gayathri parents consanguinity married couples. Gayathri birth weight was very low. <<Continue>>
Gowthami aged 6 years hails from Pattikonda village of Kurnool District. Her parents Indiramma and Panduranga have three children. Gowthami is the youngest who is disabled while the remaining are able-bodied children with no complications. <<Continue>>
It was only when Kalyani was aged 1 year, her parents Obulappa & Rangamma of Pendekallu village had recognized that their daughter was affected by cerebral palsy. Their son died of the same problem. Later she got fits that resulted in contractures of muscles & tendons. <<Continue>>
KAMBAGIRI Swamy who is aged 7 years became disabled when he was just 6 months old. His parents Adinarayana and Dhana Lakshmi who hail from a very poor family frustrated as their son became disabled due to congenital problem in brain. They had approached doctors at KURNOOL Government Medical College << Continue>>
Ms. Lakshmi aged 7 years hails from Katigani Kalva Village, Anantapur Revenue Rural Mandal. Her parents named Mrs. Muthyalamma, W/o. Mr. Venkatesulu married his own sisters daughter close relatives. They belong poor family fall on scheduled caste. Mrs.Muthyalamma during delivery she has undergone scissorian operation <<Continue>>
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