Case Study

M. Lakshmi, 26 years, D/o. Sanjanna, Physical Disability from Pagidirai village, Thuggali Mandal. Shestudied up to 10th standard., Dropped from education and got trained tailoring work in her own village. 4 members in her family, 2 Male, 2 Female. She is only daughter, affected post polio paralysis<<Continue>>
Mr. Raghunatha Reddy , Nagireddi[alli village, Anantapur Revenue Rural Mandal, his age 12 years old, name of the parents Mrs. Nagendramma, W/o. of Mr. Thippa Reddy. Mr. Suresh GIVAM staff has identified him in 2006. He has identified as a Mental Retardation and Cerebral Palsy child. <<Continue>>
Rangaswamy aged 18 Months is born to Obulappa and Padmavathi who hail from a very poor community. He is the second child to his parents while his sister is a normal child. Parents who noticed that there were no movements in any of the limbs got scared and approached doctors at Kurnool. << Continue>>
Veeranjaneyulu is one of the children born to Krishnamurthy & Eramma of Pattikonda town of Kurnool district. He is aged 7 years and is the eldest in family. He and his sister are affected by cerebral palsy and it was a congenital problem which their parents couldn’t notice.<<Continue>>
Venu gopal aged 7 years hails from Chennampalli village of Thuggali Revenue Mandal of Kurnool District. He has two sisters. Both his parents were illiterate agricultural labourers. “I was unhealthy when I was pregnant. After I developed labour pains I rushed to primary health care centre. <<Continue>>
Veresh is the second son of Sriramulu and Sankaramma from Pattikonda village of Kurnool district. At the age of 7 months Veresh fell sick. He had high fever and there was severe eye infection. His eyes became red and his parents approached local doctor who had given an injection apart from prescribing medicines.<<Continue>>
Shaik Pheerbi is aged 20 years and is a physically challenged lady having got her left leg affected by polio when she was aged 4 years. Her parents made all their efforts to find a remedy to their daughter’s problem but there was no mobility. She was virtually jumping with the help of a stick. << Continue>>
Someswari girl, 12 years age, parents of Duggenna and Munemma of Dudekonda village, Pathikonda Mandal, Kurnool District. They married close relatives, have two children, both children born with disability. Son is blindness and daughter is hairlip and cleft pallet.<<Continue>>
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